User Management

From User Management, you can add/delete users.  Click on the user's first name to edit specific user details.  

User Settings/Permissions

The permissions available are:

  • Admin User - Can edit Company details/settings and access billing details

  • Modify Only User - Can only modify existing objects, not create any new objects.

  • Standard User - Can create/edit/delete Sources and EDLs

  • View Only User - View only on all objects

Permission Tags

If the company has enabled 2FA, you can delete the user's 2FA device from the screen.  The next time the user logs in, they will be forced to re-setup their 2FA device.

User Permission Tags

User permission tags are a way to grant user based permissions to specific objects.  

Basic Explanation


  • A user can only view/modify EDLs and Sources that have a common tag.
  • A user with no tags can view/modify any object
  • An EDL or Source created by the user will have the same tags as the user.


  • An EDL can only include Sources that have a common tag
  • An EDL with no tags can include any Source


  • Apply a tag to restrict access

Users, EDLs, Sources without tags are not governed by tag restrictions

Multiple Tags

Users, EDLs, and Sources can all have multiple tags.  Remember, access is grant if there is a common tag, not if all tags match.

If a user has multiple tags, any EDLs or Sources created by the user have the same tags.

How do I use them?

  1. Create tag
  2. Apply tag to user
    1. Under User Management, edit the user and select tag
  3. Apply tag to Source and/or EDL
    1. Edit the Source or EDL.  There is a Permission Tags dropdown option