This submenu contains advanced EDL options that most users will not need.  Only a paid account(or free trail) can access these features. Please read through each option's explanation.

Order of Operations

Each option is executed in the order that is listed

Remove, Filter, Convert

  • Remove http:// or https:// from beginning of object
  • Remove Comments from EDL - Removes Lines that begin with comment characters or comments after values
    • Comment Characters: / ; , #
  • Convert Entries to IP Addresses - This option converts all hostnames to IP Addresses(both A and AAAA records). 
    • Special Considerations
      • If the EDL is a mix of hostnames and IP addresses, the existing IP addresses are maintained
      • If the entry is a URL (ie., the hostname of the URL is resolved(
      • ***Most Important*** - If the hostname uses DNS geo-location, it is best not to use this option as IP addresses will be resolved based on the EDL Manager server location, not your firewall's location.
  • Convert IP CIDRs to/from IP Ranges - This option converts CIDRs to IP Ranges or IP Ranges to CIDRs
    • Works for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Filter IP Address by Address Family - Filter by IPv4 or IPv6


  • Add trailing slashes - Automatically add a trailing / on domain or URL lists
  • Deduplicate objects - Deduplicate the EDL
  • EDL Output Format - Change the output of the EDL
    • List - List - (new line delimited) **Default**
    • CSV,,
    • JSON
      {"object_count": 3,