This submenu contains advanced EDL options that most users will not need.  Only a paid account(or free trail) can access these features. Please read through each option's explanation.

Order of Operations

Each option is executed in the order that is listed

Reset all advanced settings to default - Reset all options to defaults

Remove, Filter, Convert

  • Remove http:// or https:// from beginning of object
  • Remove Comments from EDL - Removes Lines that begin with comment characters or comments after values
    • Comment Characters: / ; , #
  • Convert Entries to IP Addresses - This option converts all hostnames to IP Addresses(both A and AAAA records). 
    • Special Considerations
      • If the EDL is a mix of hostnames and IP addresses, the existing IP addresses are maintained
      • If the entry is a URL (ie., the hostname of the URL is resolved(
      • ***Most Important*** - If the hostname uses DNS geo-location, it is best not to use this option as IP addresses will be resolved based on the EDL Manager server location, not your firewall's location.
  • Summarize IP list and exclude based on IP/CIDR
    • Summarizes and deduplicates IP subnets
    • Process excludes based on IP/CIDR, ie: and excluding would yield
    • This option disables other advanced settings in order to function properly.
  • Convert IP CIDRs to/from IP Ranges - This option converts CIDRs to IP Ranges or IP Ranges to CIDRs
    • Works for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Filter IP Address by Address Family - Filter by IPv4 or IPv6


  • Add trailing slashes - Automatically add a trailing / on domain or URL lists
  • Deduplicate objects - Deduplicate the EDL
  • EDL Output Format - Change the output of the EDL
    • List - List - (new line delimited) **Default**
    • CSV,,
    • JSON
      {"object_count": 3,