Source Polling Status

Source Polling Status shows important details, such as the last polling status, HTTP response code, the last successful source poll and the last failed source poll.

Request Repoll of Source (paid accounts only)

To manually repoll the source, click this button

When a source fails to poll, an error message is displayed and you can view the raw http response content to see why it failed.


Object Count

Under Versioning, you can also see the Object Count.  This is how many objects are in the source.  The number is a link where you can view a graph of the object count over time.

View/Compare/Override Snapshots

Anytime a source changes, a snapshot is stored.  This allows you to see specific changes if you need to investigate why something was added or removed from an source.  You can also override the source data with snapshot data.  This locks the source from updating as it continues to serve the cached snapshot

Click on the Snapshots link to view the available snapshots for this source.

You can select different snapshots to view or compare.  When comparing snapshots, it shows the changes from snapshot 2 to snapshot 1.  Referencing the above screenshot, in Snapshot 1, was added and was removed when compared to Snapshot 2.

Override - If you want to override the source with a snapshot, click Override.  A source that is in Override will not update but continue using the snapshot as the data.

Sources that have an override will be highlighted in red. To remove the override, click Remove Override.

Source Data

If the source is a JSON feed, then there will be 2 Tabs

  • Filtered JSON Data - This is the post filtered data presented as a list.
  • Raw JSON Data - This is what is retrieve from the source URL

Sources that are normal lists will show the list source data.